What do we  notarize? 

Power of Attorney
Boat Sales
Proof of Residence
School Documents
Travel Documents
Separtation Agreements
Property Lease
Rental Agreements
Insurance Claims
Bill of Sales

Employment Waivers
Verification Forms
Minor Passport Applications
Certified Copies
Gaming Applications
Nursing Home and Hospital Forms
Medical Documents and Directives
Request for Birth Certificate
Custody Agreements
DMV Documents
Loan Document Signings
Letters of Instruction
Advanced Healthcare Directives
Petition to Establish Custody & Visitation
And Much More!

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What don't we notarize? 

Incomplete or false documents
Certified copies of certificates for birth certificates, death certificates, marriage or divorce (These documents may be obtained from your city or counties records office)
Any documents which have been signed out of the presence of the notary

Please note that we are not attorneys therefore we cannot offer you any Legal advice. You should still feel free to contact us with all questions
Travel Fees (Based on Mileage)

Mileage will be based upon the distance traveled in a round trip. The rates below will be applied to notary services between the hours of 9:00 AM to 5:00PM. For quotes on all after hour services, please call.

00-10 Miles              $45.00                       Travel Fee
11-20 Miles              $75.00                       Travel Fee
21-40 Miles              $110.00                     Travel Fee

For trips consisting of more than 40 miles in travel, please call to receive a travel fee quote
Toll fees may apply

We are available 24/7 for our Mobile Notary Service & cover the entire Hampton Roads area. 

Call us today: 757-224-8693 or 757-343-4161

PLEASE HAVE VALID PHOTO ID: Military I.D., Drivers License, US Passport, etc.
The person signing must be present! NO EXCEPTIONS!